Characteristics Videos

Layers of the Earth

  • Check out the “Layers of the Earth” song in this Youtube video!
  • Here’s a Layers of the Earth version of the song “Black and Yellow.” You’ll be singing this for days!
  • Play the Layers of the Earth “Rags to Riches” game. It’s just like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Click here!

Rotation (Day & Night) – Revolution (Seasons)

  • The cause of Earth’s seasons can be found in this short video. It’s pretty well done by Bill Nye!
  • A day on earth video by Study Jams.
  • A lesson by Mr. Bowen can be found in the movie below:


The Moon


  • This is a great video about the moon, and it’s entertaining because it features the Story Bots! Check it out!
  • A video of the moon by Bill Nye the Science guy!
  • The next video is all about the moon and it’s characteristics! History Channel Movie
  • This video has plenty of good information, but also has plenty of humor too. Be sure to focus in on the great information! Check it out!
  • This is a great instructional video on the phases of the moon. Kids Educ on Youtube!
  • Do you like learning with music? This video is a rap of the moon phases. Check it out!


  • To play around with the phases of the moon, check out this handy little website!  It allows you to start and stop the moon phases on your own, so you get an idea of the moon’s position around the Earth and sun during it’s difference phases.
  • Want to see what the moon phase will be on any given day?  Check out this moon phase generator!  Click Here.
  • Try to place the moon phases in order in this cool game!  Click Here


The Sun

  • Learn basic facts about the sun in this video by the Story bots! Story Bots!
  • A movie about the sun and it’s properties.


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