Beginning of Year Info


Please use this page to find helpful information for this school year.  Many of the topics have helpful links and information.  Please email me at if you have any further questions or have suggestions on what other information you would find useful on this page.

-Mr. Bowen

Beginning of School Year

You will find our 2016-17 Fourth Grade Handbook by clicking the link to the left.  This is full of information about schedules, discipline, homework, and curriculum.

Food Service Info

You may deposit money into your child’s food account easily by clicking here for the Jen/Hud Food Service Website.

If you send money into school, please place check or cash in an envelope with the following information:

  1. Student’s Name
  2. School (Georgetown Elementary)
  3. Classroom Teacher
  4. Grade

Technology Information

You child will be learning a vast amount of information about useful programs on our schools computers.  Much of the software they are using is accessible for your home computers, but could be specific to Mac computers since we use these at school.

To encourage your child to increase their ability in typing you can access a free and fun typing site called Dance Mat Typing by clicking here.

In order to encourage safe and healthy internet usage, you can have your child do PBS Kids’s “Webonauts Internet Academy”.  The website can be found by clicking here.

Curriculum Information

To access our district’s curriculum maps, you may click here or find the information in the links on the left hand sidebar under the title “For Parents”.


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on “Beginning of Year Info
One Comment on “Beginning of Year Info
  1. Dear Mr Bowen,

    Welcome back to school Mr. Bowen and the 4th graders. Hope you had a great first day.We can’t wait to see more things on your blog. What kind of sport activities and music do you do?

    From Davide & Andrew

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