We Are One Busy and Accomplished Class!

We have been able to do so much in the last month of school! We’ve finished M-STEP, traveled to What’s the Scoop, and had sundaes for mastering math facts (and celebrating our summer birthdays). We even had a Kent County narcotics dog visit our classroom and we learned how he does his job each day. RJ was a real hit! We even experienced a Supreme Court case over one of our class laws! The lawyers did an amazing job!

Yesterday, we had amazing weather for field day! We even won a couple of tugs during the tug-of-war competition. Check out our Georgetown girls getting the top 3 spots in the 50 meter dash in the picture below (Go Cadence!)

Finally, ​we celebrated students who achieved reading goals today.  Some of our students received gift cards to TARGET for achieving reading goals and others received a certificate and Barnes and Noble Card for reading 1,000,000 words or MORE.   Way to go Jacob, Solomon, Jackson and Nathan!

We have much for which to be proud and thankful. Thanks for a great year of supporting us!

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