Valentine’s Day Party 2017

This year’s party will be on Tuesday, February 14 from 2:00 – 3:15. It will be held in Mr. Bowen’s classroom.

As part of our Valentine’s Day Party Celebration, we will be having a box decorating competition. This is done at home and can be brought in to class on either February 13 or 14. The sky is the limit with how you can decorate your box. It can be made of cardboard, legos, or whatever your mind can think of, but it needs to be able to fit any valentine’s that students pass out. This is to be made by the student, not parents (if you catch my drift). I’d love to see their creative sides flourish!

In the past I have witnessed lego fortresses, furry monsters, hot-air balloons, robots, shoeboxes decorated with stickers and glitter, and everything in between. There will be a prize for the box that is voted best design, and a prize for the box voted for most valentine themed. Most of all, this is meant to be FUN!

See you the on 14th with your awesome box, unless I’m home with Baby Bowen!

-Mr. Bowen

p.s. If you want to bring valentine’s to pass, you are more than welcome, but it is not necessary.

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